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Institut de minéralogie, de physique des matériaux et de cosmochimie

Raman spectrometers


IMPMC is equipped with 2 micro-Raman confocal spectrometers well adapted for both high pressure in diamond anvil cell (DAC) and high/low temperature measurements (800 K – 10 K) but also for macroscopic samples. Available light sources are 2 Argon lasers (λ0 = 514.5 nm or 488 nm), 1 Krypton (λ0 = 647.1 nm or 676.4 nm) laser and 1 Ti:Sapphire laser (variable tuning). The Jobin-Yvon Horiba HR460 with a single-grating monochromator is used for experiments requiring high brilliance. The Jobin-Yvon Horiba T64000 with three-stage monochromator enables to work in high resolution (additive mode) or very low frequency down to 10 cm-1 (subtractive mode).


  • Model T64000 with a Three stage monochromator





Grating (gr/mm)

Single-stage monochromator

Three-stage monochromator

1800 or 600


Single stage mode (Focal length : 640 mm) : single spectrometer

standard analyses

Triple additive mode (Focal length : 3 x 640 mm)  : Three-stage monochromator

ultra-high spectral resolution

Triple subtractive mode : double subtractive + spectrograph

low frequency measurements < 10cm-1


Liquid nitrogen cooled CCD detector



  • Model HR460 with a single monochromator




Argon/ Ti:Sapphire

Grating (gr/mm)

300 or 1500

Single stage mode (Focal length : 460 mm) : single spectrometer

standard analyses, for experiments requiring high brilliance

Set of BragGrate™ Notch Filters (BNF) for 514.5nm

low frequency measurements < 10cm-1


Peltier-cooled CCD



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