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Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

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The Focused Ion Beam Dual Beam (FIB) is a combination of a high-resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron microscope (SEM-FEG) and a scanning Focused Ion Beam column. Usually dedicated to failure analysis for semiconductor’s companies, SEM-FIB Dual Beam instruments are becoming increasingly popular in Physical, Earth Science, and Material research fields.


This tool provides significant new capabilities for microscopic imaging, depositing, nanofabrication, and site-selective TEM sample preparation with the ability of live imaging. Indeed, the up to 30 keV ion column with a gallium ion source provides currents ranging from 1 pA to 40 nA. The focused 30kV Ga+ ions allows then, the accurate sputtering of the sample. The FIB Dual Beam is a fabrication tool with which it’s possible to build devices on a nanoscale and to get access to the 3rd dimension (depth) on a sample.

It’s why the FIB is used to:

  • Prepare in-situ lifted TEM thin sections or lamellas for Transmission electron Microscopy or Scanning Transmission
  • R-ray Microscopy STXM (Synchrotron)
  • Design nanometric features or patterns
  • Characterize 3D volumes by DEM-FIB 3D nantomography

The FIB DualBeam available at IMPMC is a Zeiss Neon40EsB with high-resolution Schottky thermal field emission gun (Schottky SEM-FEG), fitted with the UHR Gemini® column and a Gallium Liquid Ion metal Source and the Canion® column from Orsay Physics® . Additionnaly the system is equipped with a multiple Gaz Injection System (GIS) from Orsay Physics® and a micromanipulator Kleindiek® allowing in-situ lift out of samples. For more information, please read the following.




Ion beam

  • Energy: 30kV (and low kV 1 and 5 kV)
  • Resolution: 7 nm at 30 kV
  • Probe current: 1 pA to 40 nA

Electron beam

  • Energy: Continuously variable EHT from 100V to 30kV
  • Resolution: 1,1 nm at 20 kV and 2,5 nm at 1 kV
  • Probe current: 4 pAto 20 nA
  • Détectors:
    • Everhart Thornley detector (SESI) for secondary electrons or ions imaging.
    • Angle selective Backscattered detector (AsB) for high energy backscattered electrons imaging.
    • InLens (SE1) in column detector for High Resolution imaging enhanced for low kV
    • Energy Selective Backscattered in column detector (EsB) for surface backscattered imaging at low kV.
    • Scanning Transmission electron Microscopy detector for BF/DF imaging on thin samples.
    • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy detector (X-EDS) Bruker QUANTAX, 129 eV resolution on Mn, for X elementary analysis (point, linescan and mapping)
  • Accesories:
    • Kleindeick maicromanipulator
    • Gaz Injection system GIS (Pt, W, SiOx, Florine, water)


Cécile Duflot - 18/02/16

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