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Institut de minéralogie, de physique des matériaux et de cosmochimie

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Field Context :

There are many alkaline lakes hosting microbialites in the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt. These lakes have varying chemistries and therefore we can study the links between lake chemistry, microbial diversity and microbialite chemistry and mineralogy.


Lake Atexcac © Didier Jezequel / Lake Alchichica © Ana Isabel López Archilla

 Lake Atexcac

 Lake Alchichica

Lake La Preciosa © Mélanie Poinsot


 Lake La Preciosa


Field Goals :

We aim at assessing the links between the chemistry of lakes, the mineralogical and chemical composition of microbialites and their microbial diversity. We also work on microbialites forming in seasonally anoxic water.


Microbialites Lake Atexcac © Karim Benzerara / Lake Alchichica ©Yvan Zivanovic



 Microbialites Lake Atexcac

 Lake Alchichica


Microbialites - Lake La Preciosa - Nina Zeyen


Implemented actions :

In collaboration with scientists at UNAM, Paris-Saclay, IPGP and Université de Bourgogne, we travel to Mexico once a year or every two years. We sample water, sediments, microbialites. Currently, this research is performed in the frame of the ANR Microbialite. Moreover, Jeanne Caumartin received a PhD grant by the Sorbonne University program Interface pour le vivant to work on these microbialites.


© Didier Jezequel / © Yvan Zivanovic



 Karim Benzerara & Didier Jezequel

Karim Benzerara, Christophe Thomazo, Paola Bertolino, Miguel Iniesto

Cynthia Travert - 25/05/22

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