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Institut de minéralogie, de physique des matériaux et de cosmochimie

Design and study of novel materials with remarkable properties

The leitmotiv of our research activity is the search for novel physical or functional properties in advanced materials holding a potential for applications in strategic sectors, such as energy, electronics or manufacturing.

Our research is based on the complementary activities of:

  1. the search of novel phases using in situ probes, such as x-ray diffraction (XRD) or Raman spectroscopy;
  2. the study of the structural and electronic properties by means of structural, thermodynamic, magnetic, transport and spectroscopic measurements.

Both activities are strongly supported by ab initio calculations carried out in collaboration with the theory group of our laboratory and of other theoretical groups.

In the study of novel phases, emphasis is given to the synthesis of metastable phases using high-pressure techniques, which greatly widens the range of potentially interesting phases not yet discovered. In this respect, our group actively contributes to the development of novel high-pressure devices, e.g. novel presses, and of novel high-pressure synthesis routes.

Cécile Duflot - 28/11/17

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