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Institut de minéralogie, de physique des matériaux et de cosmochimie

Mineralogy, Petrolgy and Planetary Phycis (MP3)

The team Mineralogy, Petrolgy and Planetary Phycis (MP3) study the physical and chemical properties of geomaterials under extreme thermodynamic conditions.

Our research activities are focused on the study of deep interior of telluric planets, with the Earth as a reference. Hence, we study the physics and chemistry of the Earth from the deep crust of to the core, along with trnasfert properties of the material between different reservoir. Our scientific interest also include Earth's differentiation processes.
Our approach is experimental, preferably in situ under planetary interiors high pressure and high temperature conditions. We therefore use mineral physics and experimental petrology combined with geochemistry.

Cécile Duflot (cecile.duflot @ impmc.upmc.fr) - 20/12/17

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