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Institut de minéralogie, de physique des matériaux et de cosmochimie

Boris Laurent


Scientific Expertise


Experimental Astrophysics



Contact Details

OfficeSite Buffon, 2nd Floor

Mail: boris.laurent(at)mnhn.fr


Analytical Skills

  - NanoSIMS

  - Irradiation experiments

Professional Resume

  - Postdoctoral Fellow at IMPMC since november 2019 (ERC HYDROMA)

  - 2016-2019: PostDoctoral research Fellow at St Andrews (Leverhulme Trust Grant : Looking for Life in the UV)

Educational background

  - 2011-2014:  PhD in molecular and condensed matter at University of Lille (France): Hydrogen isotopes fractionation induced by ionizing irradiation of protoplanetary dust analogues.

  - 2011: MS in Planetary ciences at university of Nantes (France): Heat Transfers through icy moons: numeric and experimental approach.

  - 2019: BSc in Earth Sciences at University of Lille (France): Experimental study of pyroxenes from astrophysics environments: morphology and composition of minerals formed from diopside melts.


  - Laurent, B., Cousins, C. R., Gunn, M., Huntly, C., Cross, R., & Allender, E. (2019). UV luminescence characterisation of organics in Mars-analogue substrates. Icarus, 321, 929-937.

  - Laurent, B., Cousins, C. R., Pereira, M. F. C., & Martins, Z. (2019). Effects of UV-organic interaction and Martian conditions on the survivability of organics. Icarus, 323, 33-39.

  - Cockell, C. S., Holt, J., Campbell, J., Groseman, H., Josset, J. L., Bontognali, T. R., ... & Blank, J. (2018). Subsurface scientific exploration of extraterrestrial environments (MINAR 5): analogue science, technology and education in the Boulby Mine, UK. International Journal of Astrobiology, 1-26.

  - Roskosz M., Laurent B., Leroux H. and Remusat L. Experimental investigation of irradiation-driven hydrogen isotope fractionation in analogues of protoplanetary hydrous silicate dust (2016), The Astrophysical Journal, 832, no. 1.

  - Laurent, B., Roskosz, M., Remusat, L., Robert, F., Leroux, H., Vezin, H., ... & Lefebvre, J. M. (2015). The deuterium/hydrogen distribution in chondritic organic matter attests to early ionizing irradiation. Nature communications, 6.

  - Laurent, B., Roskosz, M., Remusat, L., Leroux, H., Vezin, H., & Depecker, C. (2014). Isotopic and structural signature of experimentally irradiated organic matter. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 142, 522-534. 



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