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Institut de minéralogie, de physique des matériaux et de cosmochimie

Laurent Remusat

Scientific Expertise


Organic-Mineral Interactions in Meteorites

Water Content in Geological Samples

D/H Isotopic Signatures

Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles in Soils


Photo : © MNHN - Agnès Iatzoura

PI of the ERC project HYDROMA

Contact Details


Office : Site Buffon, 2th Floor, Room 206

Mail : laurent.remusat(at)mnhn.fr


Analytical Skills

  - NanoSIMS, GC-MS and GC-irMS

Professional Resume

  - Since 2020: Senior CNRS Researcher in Mineralogy/Geochemistry

  - Since 2019: Head of the PAM (MNHN Analytical Facilities)

  - 2009-2020: Junior CNRS Researcher in Mineralogy/Geochemistry

  - 2007-2009: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the GPS division, Caltech (Pasadena, CA, USA)

Educational Background

  - HDR in Universe and Earth Sciences, MNHN - 2017

  - Ph.D. in Fundamental and Applied Geochemistry, MNHN - 2006

  - Agregation in Life Sciences - 2001



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Main Collaborators


  - Bernardo Cesare et Omar Bartoli (Univ Padova)

  - Hélène Bureau, Guillaume Fiquet, Brigitte Zanda, Roger Hewins, Sylvain Bernard (IMPMC)

  - Katell Quenea (Metis)

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  - Laurette Piani (Univ Hokkaido)

  - Aurélien Thomen (Univ Hawaii)

  - Johanna Marin-Carbone (Univ St Etienne)

  - Julien Siebert (IPGP)

  - Cécile Engrand, Jean Duprat (CSNSM Orsay)

  - Emmanuel Dartois, Rosario Bruneto (IAS Orsay)

  - Jean-Noël Rouzaud (ENS Paris)



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