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Institut de minéralogie, de physique des matériaux et de cosmochimie
UMR 7590 - Sorbonne Université/CNRS/MNHN/IRD


Marie-Anne Arrio

Theoretical spectroscopy : core-electron excitations, Electronic structure of materials

marie-anne.arrio @  webpage


Etienne Balan

theoretical infrared spectroscopy, defects in insulating minerals, theoretical mineralogy

etienne.balan @  webpage


Christian Brouder

x-ray absorption spectroscopy, many-body physics, mathematical physics

christian.brouder @  webpage


Delphine Cabaret

Theoretical spectroscopy : core-electron excitations, Electronic structure of materials (delfine.cabaret @  webpage


Isabelle Callebaut

sequence analysis, molecular modeling, molecular dynamics

isabelle.callebaut @  webpage


Michele Casula

Electronic structure, quantum Monte Carlo, dynamical mean field theory, material modeling from first principles

michele.casula @  webpage


Jacques Chomilier

Monte-Carlo simulation, Protein structure prediction, conformation space, robotics, free energy calculation,  protein mutations

jacques.chomillier @  webpage


Elodie Duprat

sequence analysis (genomes, proteins), protein structure analysis, applied statistics

elodie.duprat @  webpage


Guillaume Ferlat

Molecular dynamics, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, DFT, disordered systems (glasses, liquids, supercritical fluids), structure

guillaume.ferlat @  webpage


Maria Hellgren

development of electronic structure theories: density functional and many body perturbation theory, electronic structure of materials

maria.hellgren @  webpage


Slavica Jonic

development of image analysis methods for 3D electron microscopy of biomolecules, biomolecular structure and dynamics, hybrid biomolecular modeling, normal mode analysis

slavica.jonic @  webpage


Amélie Juhin

X-ray spectroscopy, DFT (plane wave pseudopotentials), Ligand Field Multiplet calculations

amelie.juhin @  webpage


Karel Kunc

Electronic properties of materials, applications of 'total energy' calculations (DFT), structural phase transitions

karel.kunc @  webpage


Michele Lazzeri

electronic structure of materials, density functional theory, vibrational spectroscopies

michele.lazzeri @  webpage


Benjamin Lenz

electronic structure of materials, strong correlation, many body techniques (michele.lazzeri @  webpage


Jean-Paul Mornon

sequence analysis, protein folding, molecular modelling

jean-paul.mornon @  webpage 


Lorenzo Paulatto

electronic structure, linear response theory, thermal properties of materials

lorenzo.paulatto @  webpage


Marie-Anne Hervé du Penhoat

Radiation induced damage to biomolecules, Ab initio molecular dynamics

marie-anne.herve_du_penhoat @  webpage


Fabio Pietrucci

structural transformations, chemical reactions, biophysics

fabio.pietrucci @  webpage


Guillaume Radtke

theoretical spectroscopy, electronic structure structure, magnetism

guillaume.radtke @  webpage


William Sacks

electronic structure, theory of high-Tc superconductivity, novel iron-based superconductors

william.sacks @  webpage


A. Marco Saitta

phase transformations, extreme conditions, chemical reactivity

marco.saitta @  webpage


Dirk Stratmann

molecular dynamics, protein-protein interactions, cyclic peptides, drug design  

dirk.stratmann @  webpage


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